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List Your Boat

How to list your boat for sale


With your listing our services include:

  • Wide spread advertising with international coverage 
  • Internet listing (Pat Sturgeon Yachts web site, Yachtr.com and Boatdealers.ca)
  • Boat Show presence (Toronto International Boat Show)
  • Office at high traffic location (Port Credit Harbor Marina)
  • Member of Yacht Brokers Association Ontario, Yacht Brokers Association of America, CPYB and OMOA
  • 3 full time brokers with minimum of 20 years experience.
  • Greater exposure through co-operative brokerage network.


Please ensure that you do not exit out of the website as you are filling it in! As this is a web based form, there is no way to save the information and it will be lost. Ensure that you have all of your boat information ready and at hand before you begin.

Before you get started, just a few things to mention: We offer you superior brokerage services for a 10% brokerage fee or a minimum of $2500 WHEN we sell your boat. If for some reason you want to de-list your boat at anytime, there is no fee. Filling out your listing could not be easier. Fill in the attached form, providing as much detail as possible.  For example, please indicate if you have GPS, what make, what kind and age of sails are on board, or type and make of winches, etc. The more information you can provide the better! If you are unsure of how to fill in your listing, please have a look at our "sample" listing to see what we are looking for.  

Remember - the more information and detail you provide, the better chance we have of selling your boat quickly!


Everyone wants to see pictures! Please e-mail external and internal pictures of your boat to heather@patsturgeonyachts.com and we can make sure they are included in your listing.

Pictures are very important!


If you have a price in mind, please do add it to your listing in the appropriate box. If, however, you are not sure and would like to speak to a broker regarding the price of your boat, please leave the price box empty and we will get in touch with you to discuss a price. Once you have filled out your listing form with as much detail as possible, fill in our listing agreement which follows the form. We need to have contact details so we can reach you at all times. We will have people who will want to look at your boat or to make an offer and we need to be able to reach you! There is a "submit" button at the bottom of the registration form, and also a "submit" button at the bottom of the Agreement page. Once both pages are sent,  your listing will automatically make its way to our database and on to our web site. (please note: your listing will not go live until one of our brokers makes it active). You will also receive an email confirmation of your listing and your agreement. If you would like to make changes to your listing, please call us and we will make the changes for you.


Please click on the link below and then fill in the online listing form. Or give us a call!
Sail Boat Listing Online Registration
Power Boat Listing Online Registration

Listing contract example